Our Contact

Thank you  for visiting our website.

If you have any enquiries about our product and services, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Tel: 018-2409147

Email: linacupcakebakery@yahoo.com.my

Blog: http:\\linacupcakecreations.wordpress.com

Glad to hear your order!


One Response to Our Contact

  1. zarina mohd azhar says:


    Tima kasih wat kek yg cantik and sedap untuk Rayyan 1 tahun dan Iwan 10 tahun….Rayyan suka sgt tgk gambar dia kt kek ngan upin& ipin dan Iwan ter over excited ngan Chelsea theme, carrot cheese kek dia…..your cakes are extremely yummy and delicious…..mak akak yg x suka kek coklat pun puji n makan yr choc cake….whole family and sedara mara dtg puji kek Lina…..Insyaallah, akak akan order lg bila berkesempatan…..maybe you should post the pictures of those cakes in your blog for samples……akak x sempat nk download kt sini…..K.ZARINA, TAMAN SERI GOMBAK

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